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Selling Your Home


Selling your home for top dollar and in the quickest time frame is something that just does not happen without effort, planning and strategy. The professionals at Esquire Real Estate make a major commitment when you entrust us with the responsibility to market your home.


We understand that maximum exposure to the broadest target of qualified buyers is critical to achieving home selling success. We recognize that selling real property, like many other products or services, follows the rules of supply and demand economics.


That is why we offer a comprehensive property marketing program engineered to reach the broadest target of qualified buyers so that we can generate the greatest demand for your property. But more importantly, because we understand that your financial needs, we offer you an economical choice on implementing this strategy.

Our comprehensive property marketing strategy
is made up of the following elements:


  • Comprehensive Comparative Market Analysis
  • Home Positioning Strategy
  • Active Monitoring of Market Reaction To Your Home


Call us today (203) 209-1813 for a no obligation consultation with one of our licensed professionals.


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